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Our Journey with Radiance and Rosebud is about two sisters taking a virtual journey with President Obama's daughters by following them via the news media.
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They can be a fun add-on as a hash to any dish, or roasted and used as a taco shell or base for taco salads. Other Roast-Worthy Veggies. They are so easy and can be a great snack, side item, or main course as a base for veggie or rice bowls.

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My fave combo are onions, garlic yes, garlic! Roasting in the oven takes about 20 minutes and adds texture and color to any salad or rice bowl! The leftovers can be used in a veggie scramble the next morning or even simply as an afternoon nosh. My faves are olive oil, avocados, and tahini. Enjoy fat in your diet! I aim for tablespoons with every meal, which is the right portion for me to feel satiated, curb sugar cravings, and see benefits to my skin. Experiment and see what works for you!

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I LOVE them! From basil to oregano to garlic to turmeric to cinnamon to cayenne to cardamom to black pepper, I heart spices! Drop us a line below with your stories and tips! Not the case!


Swap out gluten-filled favorites with gluten-free varieties and whole foods. As they say, if it took a laboratory to create it with unpronounceable chemicals , it would take a lab to digest it. Asian noodles composed of only rice will have different cooking instructions, so make sure to read the packaging.

Plenty of traditional recipes can be de-glutened by swapping these ingredients for their gluten-filled counterparts. Wine and liquors are considered GF by the Celiac Foundation.

Michelle Obama Gets Honest About Barack, Daughters And 2020 Election In New Interview

Gluten free. Two words, much mystique. From trendy diets to health conditions, living gluten-free is becoming more mainstream, but what does it really mean? First off, gluten is not necessarily a bad thing. It can become stuck to the lining of the intestines, wreaking havoc for those with a sensitivity or allergy and encouraging a slew of other health challenges to take shape. An elimination diet is simply a way of eating that removes gluten-filled foods from your diet not to be confused with a diet that limits your food for weight-loss; going gluten-free does not guarantee weight loss, but it is a possibility!

An elimination diet is a simple and relatively cheaper method of figuring out if you are gluten-sensitive. For me, it took about six months of going gluten-free before I felt the symptoms significantly subside; other people can deduce a sensitivity within a week.

Your best bet is to go off of it for a week, then add it back in for a day and pay serious attention to how you feel. Keep a journal or mental list of the changes you notice in your body, mind, energy level, etc. Re-read your journal of observations and decide if G-Free living is for you! And although we consider the winter holidays the main times of temptations, even the summer, the alleged season of beach bodies and barely-there bikinis, can tempt us with sweet treats, scrumptious side dishes and delicious seasonal cocktails.

We were very regimented for the first week, and then eased back into our healthy-living for the rest of our month. Photo Cred of the one and only Iris Apfel: One Kings Lane Want to glide into — and through — your sunset years without the unpleasantries we all assume will come with the aging process? So, how do we do it? What am I doing at these times? What activities or pursuits ignites my inner joy and energy?

What natural talents do I seem to have that I enjoy pursuing and practicing? Then what?



Fortune favors the bold, and you have unique gifts and talents to bring to the world. Small or large, start infusing that sense of purpose into your life.

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Name required. Email required. Comment required. We love to hear your stories of how you share your healthy living habits with those around you and make any of our recommendations your own! Share your story with us on social media or by leaving a comment below! I got very stirred up while listening to E!

News yesterday. Now what? Be realistic with your goals… then stretch!

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Set time-bound, achievable goals, then set a stretch goal to push yourself. Break down your goals into monthly, weekly, and daily activities that will lead to your success. Think through the activities that would lead to your success on a smaller scale. Plan to work, and work your plan. Prepare your daily, weekly, monthly plans in advance and think through what may create obstacles along the way, so you can have a successful strategy in mind to overcome them. For instance, perhaps before today, you used to fall into the pattern of losing yourself in social media before bed, which kept you up too late, made you oversleep, and left you tired the next day.

Measuring offers learnings around how realistic the goal was initially and how best to devote your time and energy for the best results i. Rally your support system and let them know specific ways they can support you. Changing your thinking and behavior is no small feat, and undertaking the journey that accompanies doing things differently takes courage and resilience and support.

Changes in your life affect the people in your life, as well as yourself. Recognize and celebrate your wins — large and small! It really cannot be understated; making change is a brave and courageous undertaking. Particularly changing yourself. Applaud yourself for taking on the challenge of making positive change in your life, and give yourself the kudos you deserve from the Big Milestone Wins to the seemingly Small Wins, like each and every time you fall down and get back up.

Recognize and reward your successes and stick with it!

Becoming Michelle Obama

First off, a new way of reframing resolutions. As always, we love your feedback and thoughts, so leave us a comment below! May be your best, brightest, healthiest, and most successful year yet! For a few ideas for balanced snacks, check out this post about tasty snacks that pack in protein without breaking the bank!

There are also a few other tips in there to help manage sugar cravings and blood sugar. Exercise as close to daily as possible. Set the timer. Tune in.

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  5. When you do feel a craving come on without a cake walking by, take a moment to clue yourself into what could be triggering your craving, such as stress, feeling tired or overwhelmed, etc. Taking care of your mental well-being is KEY to optimal physical well-being. See item 4 above. For instance, did you know that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine? A few interesting resources that are packed with info and will also keep your interest are: The Blood Sugar Solution , by Dr. The key? Keeping a well-stocked kitchen.

    I use these as dessert, in smoothies and in cereal. I even like snacking on the frozen kind. Stores often rotate their promotions. You can get a huge bag at a great price. Roast your veggies for a fun, colorful add-on to a basic pasta dish or rice bowl. Clean Protein Options. W ith any protein source, though, the key is buying the best quality you can. I may even mix it up and use shrimp or scallops! I love using the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch app to find the most sustainable sources.

    Healthy Fats. Salads are an easy way to add in healthy fat by adding avocado or drizzling olive oil as dressing. Try an elimination diet.